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Douglass Hatcher
Douglass Hatcher C4I
Co-Founder and President, communicate4IMPACT (C4i)


I'm a former speechwriter for both senior government officials and global CEOs. I spent most of my career in Washington, DC, working on Capitol Hill. I co-founded our firm with my wife, after having spent several years in New York, driving thought leadership and executive communications for a global financial services company. That experience solidified my thinking that there was a market for business storyteling that I could pursue on my own. 

The purpose for founding this community is really to evangelize the power of storytelling to drive results in businesses, organizations, and for individuals. I've selected a number of general topics where storytelling can have tremendous impact. Those topics, which include areas like leadership, public speaking, and marketing, are meant only to be starting points. My hope is that members like you will not only contribute to current topics but also contribute additional topics that may have broad interest and appeal. My goal is to provide an organic platform to exchange information, materials, articles, reports, etc that speaks to the discipline, reach, and importance of business storytelling. 

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